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Why Refeel Yoga?


After years of yoga practice, travel, research, teaching and experience, we have compiled a simple, efficient and effective system that will help you reconnect with yourself, rediscover your emotions and Refeel” life.  We believe that knowledge is best digested through genuine experience, and for this reason we have designed a unique program of yoga retreats and workshops where we give you the tools to work with the Chakras, allowing you to access your inner power, reach a greater level of consciousness and better understanding of the self. Our teachings are just as much experiential as they are informative. 

We draw knowledge from many lineages and systems – including Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Kashmiri Shaivism, Tibetan Buddhism, Hatha Yoga and various ancient texts; and incorporate them as a united style so that we can provide you with the tools to truly feel what the ancient mystics were aiming to transmit.

What are your strengths?
What is your most natural state?
What can you work on to become the best version of You?

ReFeel Yoga aims to help you answer these fundamental questions through a journey of self discovery, to reconnect with experience and to renew vitality & enthusiasm so that you can 'Refeel' life.

When was the last time you truly experienced your life, felt your body, emotion and self in a completely holistic state?

Refeel Yoga is a journey through that process. Join us and discover how to "re-feel" the life with presence, purpose and fulfillment.

Refeel Yourself

Refeel Yoga offers workshops, spiritual tours and intensive yoga and tantra retreats at beautiful destinations all across the globe. Take the opportunity to rediscover your true Self IN A FRESH ENVIRONMENT!



The heart of Refeel Yoga is EXPERIENCE


We believe that only through experience can we truly understand Life and through true understanding we can reach Freedom & Liberation! After years of study, practice & experience we have compiled a simple, efficient and effective System to reconnect with yourSelf, and reclaim your Life.


Tantra is an ancient spiritual path compiled of many various systems, teachings, practices and rituals. Being so inclusive and encompassing it is difficult to define exactly what Tantra is. However, it becomes more clear when we compare it to ancient India’s alternative spiritual path, Vedanta. The ‘vedantic’ approach to spirituality says that this life, with all of it’s suffering – joys and sorrows, pleasures, pains and attachments – is an illusion. A distraction and a trap keeping us from reaching the divine. Thus the only way to know God is to withdraw oneself from society, close off the senses and turn inside to escape the illusion of impermanence and find the Absolue. By contrast the system of Tantra teaches that EVERYTHING is Divine. This world, this life, with all of its elements – experiences, sensations, emotions, pain and pleasure – is all part and parcel of the divine. And therefore, with the right guidance and awareness, these various aspects of manifestation can be used as a tool to experience the Absolute.

Simply put Chakras are vortices of energy wherever there is an intersection of energy channels. However when we speak of the Chakras we are generally referring to 7 primary energy centers which play a significant role in physical functioning, mental development and spiritual evolution. These 7 centers form what we refer to as the Chakra System and provides us a language which we can use to relate to and understand experiences, emotions, feelings, desires, insights and so much more about this life.

We truly believe that we are all spiritual beings at different points on our spiritual journey. And of all the spiritual paths we have come across we find Tantra to be the most suited to our experience of life. It’s inclusive, it’s fun, it’s serious, it’s structured with strict rules and guidelines and at the same time breaks many rules of the social ‘norm’. It’s precise, definitive and accurate and at the same time completely crazy and magical. Just the way we like it! And as we journey down this path of Tantra we constantly use the Chakra system as a reference guide. We can think of Tantra as the path and the Chakra System as the map – a complex multidimensional map of energies, the physical body, the psyche, qualities of the universe and overall consciousness. In this way we know where we want to go and we have landmarks along the way to guide us.

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I have just finished an amazing 6 days of learning all about the chakras and doing a different type of yoga each day to compliment the chakra we were working on that day. Andrew and Clelia are wonderful people and put all of their amazing energy into this course. They are a beautiful couple so in love. Both of them are different in many ways. This actually complimented the course so well as it is the perfect balance. It was such a special experience. It opened up lots of new tools to mediating and learning about the mapping of the energies in our bodies and how we can work to balance our chakras. I highly recommend this beautiful course!
Alex Pearce
During every single class Refeel Yoga seems to know exactly what I need, sometimes energy, sometimes focus, sometimes healing or caring. Practicing with Clelia and Andrew is so inspiring, they are really supportive and always keen to adapt their classes both to beginners and experienced yogini.
Cori Golightly
Thank you so much! Thanks to you, I spent two amazing weeks in Koh Phangan. After many years of hatha practice I discovered something new with you. All the work about chakras was really powerful with the both of you and for sure I will bring it back to France and go deeper in this practice 🙂
Candice BL
Andrew & Clelia are two wonderful teachers and human beings! I just did 5 weeks of yoga classes, kundalini fusion with Andrew and vinyasa flow with Clelia. Really amazing and original classes! I did their 6 day chakra workshop and it was an absolutely wonderful experience! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!
Eléonore Witschi
Life changing experience! It's not easy to find real teachers today. These 2 people will give you the opportunity to experience what is pure yoga, and help you see what we really are and how we are connected to universe. They help me discover my potential or where I needed to heal. They will never let you down if you join them, their heart is so big. If you meet them don't lose the opportunity. Thank You!
Carolina Suppie
I absolutely love Refeel Yoga! I have practiced yoga for more than 13 years and she is the best yoga teacher I ever had. Professional, kind, their classes are always Interesting and challenging. Highly recommend! Thank you Clelia for sharing your time with us. You are an amazing teacher and a special woman.
Merav Mori

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